Chinese New Year 2018 - The year of dog

The earth dog year, which begins on February 16, 2018, can be a turning point in human history. While the dog is generally man's best friend, he also has an obscure side: they are quick in anger, critical of others, stubborn and unwilling to follow advice, hypersensitive to criticism and deeply emotional.

Of course, there is the other side: they are deeply loyal to their families, friends and facts. "Dogs" are direct, friendly, and feel deeply toward the well-being of others.

By making an analogy with our canine friends, we can see clearly as characteristics of the sign. When they are mistreated by strangers, they will bite. Regardless of how friendly and loyal, a man's best friend attacks others, and these attacks can be the result of his master's commands or simply a matter of self-preservation or anger.

Dog years are the beginning of many revolutions.

We from mangini wish a happy Chinese New Year to our clients and friends!